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3 Important Things about Coconut Oil Production

[ News ] 30/Jan/2018 12:00

Many people are trying to use the chance in coconut oil business, with the rising demand of this product, today. Because of this matter, we need to know more about coconut oil. And, here is some of important information about this product.

What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is one of important part of coconut fruit. In the coconut fruit, there is at least 34.7% of oil that we can extract. Usually, we can use two different types of coconut, which is the fresh coconut or copra, which is the dried coconut.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is the first part that is used in order to extract the oil from coconut fruit. Coconut milk itself is an emulsion substance. This means, the molecule in the coconut oil doesn’t fuse. So, there is the water and oil part. Because of this condition, if we let the coconut milk sit, both of part will be separated automatically.

Extraction Process

It’s needed to take the oil from coconut fruit. And, there are 3 methods that we can use to do that.

1) Wet Process, the process where we add water into coconut milk.

2) Dry Process, which used pressure or mechanical energy. The purpose is breaking the cell membrane in coconut milk in order to extract the oil inside.

3) Heating Process, using heat to destroy the cell membrane. It will make the extraction much easier.