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Coconut Oil Processing Industry

[ Articles ] 10/Feb/2021 12:00

The Coconut Oil Processing Industry in Indonesia is currently more modern and prioritizes quality for consumers, this is evidenced by various food certificates that have been obtained and applied in the coconut oil processing industry.

Most of the cooking oil circulating in Indonesia is cooking oil derived from crude palm oil (CPO) and coconut (crude coconut oil / CCO). Currently, besides coconut oil, it is produced by small and medium food industries using agricultural raw materials, namely coconut. With the development of modern technology and equipment, currently the coconut oil processing industry is more advanced and modern than before.

Currently, it is known that most of the coconut plantations in Indonesia are smallholder plantations, but not all of the coconut fruit is processed into copra to be processed into oil, because the community's need for coconut is still quite high for their daily needs.

With the development of industry and coconut oil processing machine technology, coconut oil has a higher quality and more leverage in processing so that it is more hygienic and quality guaranteed. With the support of more modern technology the coconut oil industry can now develop and produce various derivative products from copra.

The market in the coconut oil industry today: The coconut oil processing industry that uses raw materials both from copra and fresh coconut meat, is the cooking oil industry, refined coconut oil industry, the desiccated coconut industry, the food and other beverage industry.

PT. Sari Mas Permai as Coconut Oil Industry

Our 33 years of experience in the edible oil industry provides a deep understanding of the global market and its communities and demands. We strive for excellence, and focus on the results we deliver to the global market. We work with qualified suppliers from around the world, and keep abreast of the latest technology developments. Regardless of the importance of our environment and our environment, we adopt safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to produce the best products.

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