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Crude Coconut Oil

[ News ] 13/Oct/2016 12:00

One of coconut oil products is known as crude coconut oil or CCNO. Crude Coconut Oil is considered as fresh coconut oil. So, what is crude coconut oil or CCNO? Just like the name of the oil, this oil is made of fresh coconuts. Fresh coconut means that the ingredient is 100% fresh coconut fruits without any chemical ingredients. To get crude coconut oil, the coconut is boiled. It is a controlled boiling process along with specific temperature.

Because it is boiled with specific temperature or even it is not boiled at all, the compounds within the oil is still complete. Those compounds are essential compound which needed by body. When you consume this type of coconut oil, the taste is smooth along with strong coconut smell. In liquid form crude coconut oil is clear and plain. In the solid form, the color of this crude coconut oil is white similar to the color of coconut milk or fresh coconut. Because crude coconut oil has a lot of essential compounds, this coconut oil is full of benefits. For example, crude coconut oil is full of unsaturated fatty acid. Because it has high level of unsaturated fatty acid, this coconut oil consists of antivirus. Consuming this type of coconut oil continuously can improve your immune system of your body. As the result, you don’t get easily sick or attacked by virus. There is also vitamin E and antioxidant. Both of the compounds are useful to prevent the risk of deadly disease such as cancer.

The most important thing is that crude coconut oil is durable. So, you can keep it safely because this coconut oil is not easily stale or expired. Moreover, crude coconut oil is also known as the best type of coconut oil. This is concerning to the fact that crude coconut oil can stand in high temperature. If the other coconut oil will be produced trans fatty acid after boiling process, crude coconut oil unsaturated fatty acid doesn’t change into trans fatty acid even after boiling process.