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Crude Coconut Oil: High Quality Commodity

[ News ] 09/Mar/2018 12:00

Crude coconut oil production increased according to market demand, and how the public aware of it as a quality commodities. It is processed for a number of benefits such as health and beauty.

Crude Coconut Oil Quality

Crude Coconut Oil has a high content of laurel about 40-50 percent. Also, the saturated fatty acids are beneficial to build up the immune system, protect against viruses, bacteria, and other health problems. Most people understand it as healthcare and cosmetic products. In fact, there are many advantages as it is processed in a variety of product variants. Experts and scientists agree on the results of quality, especially when planted in areas of potential.

Unfortunately, Indonesia still has to develop crude coconut oil industry in greater scale and priority. Due to increased market demand for the product, while the state still relies on imports approximately 117 012 kg. It is a good opportunities for local businesses to develop more crude coconut oil industry.

Industry Responsibility

The processing system will be developed according to the concept of modern technologies. But most important is the management responsible, as well as applying environmental impact assessment. The government strongly supports the industry. Instead, the company is committed to responsible production through international standards and regulations. Each production process is applied in the regular and rigorous details, facilities, as well as sterile packaging.

The company also manages the operational system that insists on the quality of the production and development of network marketing. Industry managed appropriately based on innovation and the latest manufacturing technology.