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Sebagai perusahaan yang berlokasi dan berdiri di lingkungan masyarakat, sudah menjadi kewajiban perusahaan untuk menjalankan program CSR. Kali ini PT. Sari Mas Permai melakukan kegiatan CSR dengan program pembagian bahan makanan untuk masyarakat sekitar perusahaan.

PT. Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco for Basic Food for Local People

Welcoming the Idul Fitri holiday, PT Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco distributed food packages to residents of RT 01 RW 01, Warugunung Village. The target of basic food recipients is 105 families living around the factory area.

The basic food packages provided are in the form of staple food items such as 5 kilograms of rice, 1 kilogram of wheat flour and sugar, and cooking oil. For cooking oil, the company provides it in the form of large jerry cans to be distributed by the RT to the residents themselves.

Muhammad Mashollin, SPV HRD & GA PT. Sari Mas Permai said, this activity for staples is not the first time it has been held. Since years ago, activities for groceries have been routinely held before the Eid al-Fitr.

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"Previously, what we distributed was only oil. Last year, we tried to add rice, now this year we add more items, so it's complete, there are rice, flour, sugar and cooking oil, ”explained the man who is usually called Ollin.

Ollin also said that this activity for basic foodstuffs cannot be separated from the company's commitment to continue to care for the residents who live around the factory area. Apart from being driven by a sense of wanting to share, the company also wants to thank the residents who always support and support the factory's activities. In the future, Ollin hopes that the company can provide assistance in even greater form and quantity, for the welfare of all residents.

Meanwhile, Pak Kris, the head of RT 01 RW 01, said that the basic food assistance provided by PT. Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco are very useful for their residents, especially to welcome Eid al-Fitr.

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