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Is it Dangerous Coking with Used Cooking Oil?

[ Articles ] 04/Oct/2019 12:00

The habit of using used cooking oil harm the body. Even though this will save your expenses to buy new cooking oil, you should still be aware of the dangers of used cooking oil.

Indeed used cooking oil may be used again for the next frying. However, not all used cooking oil can be used repeatedly, especially oil that is intended for single use. Usually, used cooking oil that is no longer suitable for frying has a brownish or blackish color. The color of the oil has changed, even the aroma becomes rancid and give off a pungent aroma.

If the cooking oil is not stored properly, it will quickly be damaged. Oil that has been damaged is dangerous for health. Fried delicacy and crispness has also been reduced because of the quality of the oil which has declined. You need to know that used oil that is stored carelessly will cause the growth of aenorobic bacteria, such as Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria can cause botulism or food poisoning.

Not to mention, free radicals contained in dirty used oil can enter the body through fried foods. Free radicals will attack body cells and become carcinogens or cancer-causing compounds.

Thus, used cooking oil must be cleaned before storing. Strain the oil to separate the leftover. Only then, you can save the oil in a closed container and place it in a cool kitchen cabinet.

Furthermore, used cooking oil also contains higher calories and saturated fats. If the calorie and saturated fat in the body is excessive, then the risk of heart disease increase. That is why, do not fry too often with usedoil because it is not good for health.

However, that does not mean you should never utilize used cooking oil. You can use high-quality cooking oil that is relatively healthier for daily usage and it is Mamaco coconut cooking oil which can be used up to more than 6 times. Choose high-quality cooking oil for your health.