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Making Coconut Oil

[ News ] 27/Feb/2018 12:00


Prepare four glasses of water, then heat until steamy. While waiting for the steamy water, grate two mature coconuts. Mix the grated coconut into hot water, and then blend it until well shredded. Filter the coconut water that has been blended by using a tight filter to get a lot of coconut milk.

When coconut milk has been collected, boil it with medium temperature. Stir constantly until the water is boiling and steamy and the brownish cream is separated from the oil. This process takes up to an hour. Be sure not to stop stirring it.


Cut small pieces of old coconut meat. Blend it until well shredded. Add water to facilitate and accelerate the process of making if needed. Filter to produce coconut milk. Add water and do it over and over to produce a lot of coconut milk.

Allow the mixture in a jar container for 24 hours to separate coconut milk and coconut oil. Put it into refrigerator or store in cold room to accelerate the formation of the curd. Remove the curd and get the pure coconut oil left in the jar or container.


Use fresh coconut or fresh grated coconut sold in the store. If using fresh coconut, cut into small pieces then dry it for one day. If using grated coconut sold in the store, make sure to use a rough surface type.

Place it into juicer little by little that the process of separation of coconut and oil running smoothly. Perform this process until all the coconuts have been processed. Repeat this process once more to extract all the coconut oil.

Pour the juice into a jar and keep it in a warm place for a full day. Coconut oil will appear on the surface, while a thick layer will settle in the bottom of the jar. To get the coconut oil ready to use, pour the coconut oil into a new container.