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Profitable Used Cooking Oil Business Opportunities

[ News ] 11/Oct/2019 12:00

Used cooking oil is leftover oil from the frying process. Blackened used cooking oil will usually be discarded because it is not healthy and should not be used anymore.

However, used cooking oil turns out to be a profitable business opportunity. Although it has become a waste, many collectors are willing to buy used cooking oil to be processed into biodiesel, which is an alternative fuel that can be used for diesel engines.

By selling used cooking oil to collectors that later to be processed into renewable energy, it means that you also are helping the environment conservation process. Careless disposal of used cooking oil will cause water and soil pollution. Meanwhile, used cooking oil that has been converted into biodiesel can be useful for diesel engine users.

Consequently, for those who often cooks and has a lot of used cooking oil, you can try this business. Instead of throwing away used cooking oil and polluting the environment, it is better to sell it to gain profit.

Especially for housewives and people who run culinary business, they must have an abundant supply of used cooking oil. From now on, try to collect used cooking oil for sale.

The way in selling used cooking oil is fairly easy. You just need to contact the used cooking oil collectors. They will come and buy with pretty high price, depending on the quality of used cooking oil.

As the example, the price of used cooking oil is Rp 4,000 per liter. If you sell 10 liters, then you can get IDR 40,000. It is a good business to increase your household income, especially if you can collect a large quantity of used cooking oil, then you can certainly get more money.

If you are interested in used cooking oil business opportunity, from now on, do not waste your used cooking oil. Pour all used cooking oil into bottles. Then, after collecting liters, you can immediately sell it to collectors in your city. Good luck!