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PT. Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco Prepare a Disinfectant Spray for the Second Time

[ News ] 22/Feb/2021 12:00

This disinfectant spraying activity is the second activity carried out by PT. Sari Mas Permai, previously carried out similar activities in the surrounding areas that are closer to the company

Fulfilling the company's commitment to participate in reducing the spread of COVID-19, especially in the area around the factory, PT. Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco again held disinfectant spray activities in residential areas which are still close to the factory location.

This time, RT 02 in RW 01 of Warugunung Village was the target of spraying disinfectants. This spraying targeted the residential neighborhoods of RT 02 residents, and was carried out at the yard of each resident. The spraying was carried out by the company itself with support from local village officials. One local resident explained: By holding disinfectant spray activities like this, we feel helped and have the opportunity to have our house sprayed with disinfectants, thank you very much and hopefully this can be done regularly by PT. Sari Mas Permai.

This Disinfectant Spray activity is a repeat of what was done last January. According to Muhammad Mashollin - SPV. HRD & GA PT. Sari Mas Permai, although not carried out simultaneously in all RT environments, the company is committed to making this activity a routine activity as an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

"By carrying out this activity, we hope that the transmission rate of COVID-19, especially in the Warugunung area, can be reduced. Although not in large numbers, at least it can help reduce the number of new patients. " Close Muhammad Mushollin.

First CSR Activity : CARING FOR COVID-19, PT. Sari Mas Permai and Mamaco Hold Disinfectant Spray, Distribute Masks and Hand Sanitizers