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Scientist's View of Coconut Oil

[ News ] 18/Jan/2018 12:00

"There are many claims of the benefits of coconut oil on health, yet there is no real scientific data to support," Dr. Daniel Hwang, a molecular biologist who specializes in lauric acid at Center for Human Nutrition Research at the University of California, is unsure of the health claims of coconut oil.

Thomas Brenna, a professor of nutrition at Cornell University explains: "Most researches on coconut oil were carried out by using hydrogenated coconut oil," he said. "Virgin coconut oil is naturally processed, certainly different and perhaps not so bad for health." Dr. Brenna added again:" I think now we are also beginning to assume that saturated fat is not too evil, there is no strong evidence to support it. "

Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and author of several bestsellers books in America, concluded that virgin coconut oil is very healthy to eat because of its natural saturated fat content, and almost 50% coconut oil fat is a rarely found lauric acid. Keep in mind the lauric acid is a "magic compound"; because in our body lauric acid can be converted into monolaurin (also found in breast milk), which is efficacious as a prevention of various kinds of infections.

Thus, according to Dr. Mercola, coconut oil is rich with benefits for health including improving thyroid, metabolism, immune system and heart health, even it can also make body slim and make skin ageless, wow!

He gave examples of various studies on Polynesian community groups where coconut oil was the main source of calorie consumption; their heart condition was very good. Therefore, obviously, coconut oil does not cause heart disease.