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The Best Cooking Oil for All Culinary Businesses

[ News ] 11/Sep/2019 12:00

Cooking oil is very necessary to give crispness of the foods. For those who run a culinary business, cooking oil surely is one of the must-have ingredients.

What kind of cooking oil do you usually use for cooking? Various types of cooking oil are traded, but not all brands of cooking oil are good for culinary business. Instead of being confused and debatting which one is the best, then just use cooking oil that has proven its quality. For example, Mamaco coconut cooking oil. Mamaco coconut cooking oil will produce crispness and deliciousness for your dishes. As a result, consumers are satisfied with your foods.

Here are the advantages of Mamaco compared to other brands of cooking oil:

- Clear

Mamaco coconut cooking oil is whiter and clearer than any other coconut cooking oils. The oil is not easy to blacken and can be used repeatedly for more than 6 times.

- Crispy Fried Texture

All fried food will taste more delicious and crispy thanks to Mamaco. Coconut cooking oil is indeed suitable for foods that accentuates its texture and crispness.

- Heat faster

It does not take a long time to heat Mamaco coconut cooking oil so you can cook and serve food ordered by customers immediately.

- The Aroma does not Change Easily

Mamaco coconut cooking oil does not rancid and can be used for cooking repeatedly with a fresh aroma.

- Shrink Less

Mamaco coconut cooking oil does not shrink much after being used. So, you can save more on cooking oil usage.

- Competitive and Economical Prices

The price is indeed rather expensive because it is high-quality oil. However, Mamaco coconut cooking oil is actually more economical because it can be used for 6 times frying, while other cooking oil is only for 2-3 times.

Those are the advantages of Mamaco coconut cooking oil compared to other cooking oils on the market. Let’s try and prove the quality!