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The Environmental Issues on Coconut Oil Industry

[ News ] 26/Apr/2018 12:00

The environment issue is always associated with industries which involve natural resources. In Indonesia, this was also voiced by environmentalists against the oil palm company. But what we are talking about here is crude coconut oil. Is that a problem?

Commitment to Preserve the Environment

It will always be complex if we discuss environmental issues with industry effort involving natural resources. During this time, various criticisms aimed at companies and governments who are opening new land for plantations. This is where a company will be tested with a capacity that will not only increase production, but protecting the environment.

Land Survey

Coconut is a crop that became one of the characteristics of tropical environments. We often find the plants in all regions of Indonesia. It could be said that it is not difficult to find a coconut tree in a number of places around. But to make it as a big industry, there are many challenges for a company. One of them is the solution to anticipate and prevent risks new coconut plantations. The best action is to conduct a survey conducted by experts and scientists. However, to farming land, a company can not be arbitrary.

Environmental problem is our problem too. The fact, it poses a great responsibility for the world of business and industry. The main principle is to maintain the environment and the ecosystem to optimize the production. Moreover, the market share of these products is wide open in other countries, and that means progress for the country’s economy.