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The Future of Coconut Oil Industry in Indonesia

[ Articles ] 23/Mar/2018 12:00

Coconut oil is an industry with huge potential in Indonesia. As a tropical country, many investors are interested in the expansion and development of plantations. This product ranked highest with guaranteed quality and recognized by scientists and experts. So, we should predict how the future of this industry, especially in Indonesia.

Bio Energy

Since 2009, EU imposed the use of vegetable oils as fuel substitute. Actually, it has been formulated six years earlier, and promoted as a policy for energy security in Europe. Thus, the market wide open for the countries that produce vegetable oils, including Indonesia. A prospect for the industry in Indonesia is very good indeed. The urge to improve production and quality continue to be discussed in various forums. Meanwhile, the government provides full support for business and the coconut oil industry. It is a good signal for investors who do not want to lose the opportunity to map the business and the vegetable oil industry.

Apparently, the use of bio-energy in Europe has been recognized by other countries. About four years, Indonesia should initiate targets larger export to several countries. Here, there are many things that must be addressed related to improving the quality and relevance to environmental issues. Because, we also do not rule out the facts about the environmental program of responsible industry.

Product Excellence

In addition to energy needs, this is a product that is highly recommended as processed ingredients for health and beauty. Research shows that the best cosmetic products manufactured from natural ingredients that are safe and reliable. One is the crude coconut oil produced in Indonesia.