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The How-to-Guide for Selling Healthy Fried Foods

[ Events ] 25/Sep/2019 12:00

To this point, fried food is identical to unhealthy food. Eating fried food too often can threaten your health because it has the potential to increase the risk of heart disease.

The reason is, fried foods contain higher calories and saturated fat, especially if the foods is fried using low-quality cooking oil. Thereof, do not excessively consume fried foods.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that fried food is really delicious. For example, fried tofu, tempeh mendoan, bakwan, fried bananas, fried cassava, and other fried foods, have become daily food for many people. No wonder, many stalls are selling fried foods to reap profits.

For those who run fried foods business, you can make healthier fried foods for your consumers. Here are tips on selling healthy fried foods:

1. Use Healthy Cooking Oil

Coconut cooking oil is one of healthy oils with guaranteed quality. The coconut cooking oil’s contents are safer for the body and can maintain the stability of cholesterol levels.

Of so many brands of coconut cooking oil, you can try Mamaco coconut cooking oil. Mamaco has proven its quality in producing healthy and crispy food.

2. Use Clear Oil

You can use used cooking oil to cook fried food. However, make sure the used oil is still clear and odorless.

By using Mamaco coconut cooking oil, you can fry repeatedly with the same oil. Since, the color and aroma of the oil does not change quickly when cooked up to more than 6 times.

3. Drain the Oil before Serving

Oily fried foods will make consumers hesitate to consume them. Consumers will not be comfortable because fried food looks unhealthy and it is sticky to the hands when we are holding the food.

For that reason, drain the oil before serving the foods. You can use tissue to absorb the excess oil.

4. Use High-Quality Ingredients and Batter

Food ingredients and batter determine whether the foods are healthy or not. Therefore, choose ingredients that are still fresh. As for the batter, use rice flour or corn starch with good quality.

In addition, you can add a little baking soda in the batter to make it crispier. Try it!