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The Process of Dry Coconut Oil Distillation

[ Articles ] 20/Oct/2016 12:00

One of coconut oil distillation process is dry distillation process. The first step done in coconut distillation is choosing, cleaning, and crushing the coconuts. The coconuts are washed and cleaned from any kind of particles, dirt, and strange things. When the coconuts are totally clean, they are chopped. The final result of this process is dry coconut powder. The texture of the coconut powder is rough.

The second process is boiling process. Boiling process is boiled the coconut powder in certain temperature. The coconut powder is boiled in temperature around 104 Celsius degrees. The boiling process of the coconut powder is around 30 minutes. The function of this process is to reduce the water content in the coconut as well as to release the oil within the coconut powder. The third process is extraction process. The pressing process is using expeller and it is done in specific temperature. The result of this process is coconut oil. It is continued with the filtering process. The purpose of this process is to clean the small and big particles in the coconut oil.

The next process is the oil purifying process. The process consists of three actions. Those are neutralization, bleaching, and reduce the odor process. The final result is only clean, bright, and odorless coconut oil. The coconut oil which has been purified is packaged in plastic bottle, can, or glass bottle. The clearer the coconut oil after the distillation process, it means that the coconut oil is high quality coconut oil.