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The Reasons of Using Coconut Cooking Oil

[ News ] 06/Oct/2016 12:00

Coconut cooking oil is one of popular product and it is commonly used by many people. Just like the name of the product, coconut cooking oil is made of fresh coconuts. Because of fresh coconuts, coconut cooking oil consists of glycerol and fat.

There are two types of fatty acids in coconut cooking oil. The first fatty acid is known as saturated fatty acid. Saturated fatty acid can be crushed and digested by your body. Because of that it is better not to consume too much saturated fatty acid. The second fatty acid is unsaturated fatty acid. Unsaturated fatty acid is useful for your body. Body can’t produce unsaturated fatty acid. Because of that, you are suggested to use coconut cooking oil which contain of unsaturated fatty acid. This type of fatty acid can also easily be absorbed by body. Coconut cooking oil is healthier especially because it contains high level of unsaturated fatty acid. It is not allowed for you to use coconut cooking oil for a few cooking times. If it is because the unsaturated fatty acid which is a healthy fatty acid will be totally changed into trans fatty acid which is dangerous.

The point is that it is better for you to change your daily cooking oil with coconut cooking oil in order to get unsaturated fatty acid. Then, it is a must for you to use it based on the instruction so you can still enjoy your favorite food in healthy way.