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Tips on Saving Cooking Oil

[ Articles ] 18/Sep/2019 12:00

Cooking oil is one of the must-have ingredients for cooking. This basic ingredients is always needed to fry and produce crispy textured dishes.

However, many people complain about wasteful use of cooking oil. If cooking oil runs out quickly, then the expenditure also increases because the price of cooking oil is fairly expensive.

In fact, you can always save more on cooking oil usage. Nonetheless, if you choose the wrong method in using cooking oil, it tends to remain wasteful. How to make your cooking oil last longer:

1. Use a Flat Fryer

When you are not using deep-frying techniques that require a lot of oil, then avoid using deep-sized fryer. The reason is the more sunken the fryer is used, the more oil is needed for cooking.

Therefore, you should just use a flat pan to reduce the use of excess oil. In addition, the use of non-stick frying pan is also recommended because the skillet does not require a lot of oil for cooking.

2. Use Oil Repeatedly

After the first frying process, cooking oil can be used again. Used oils are still suitable for cooking in one condition which is you use high-quality cooking oil such Mamaco coconut cooking oil.

Repeated use of Mamaco coconut cooking oil is possible. It can be used for more than 6 times because it is not easily blacked and rancid. In fact, the oil will shrink less than palm oil, therefore using coconut oil will be more efficient.

3. Clean the Used Oil before Storing

Make sure you clean the oil you just used before storing. It is because food scraps left in cooking oil will trigger bacterial growth and damage the quality of the oil.

You can use a fine sieve to filter the leftovers in cooking oil. After that, keep the used oil in a clean container and store it in a place that are not directly exposed to the sun.

The explanation above is some methods to save cooking oil usage. Hence, from now on apply the tips above so the cooking oil does not run out quickly.