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Unrevealing Facts and Reputation of Coconut Oil

[ News ] 27/Jun/2018 12:00

You might wonder, "If coconut oil is as good as you say, why it was badly reputed?" The simplest reasons are money politics and misunderstandings. Everyone knows coconut oil as saturated fat, and we are constantly being asked to reduce saturated fat intake. The words "saturated fat" is almost synonymous with "heart disease". Very little is known about the difference between Medium Chain Fatty Acids in coconut oil with Long Chain Fatty Acids in meat and other foods.

For most people, saturated fats are saturated fats-an evil ingredient lurking in food, waiting for an opportunity to attack and knock you down with a heart attack. Even health professionals (conventional medicine) do not know any difference. Most of them did not even know there is more than one type of saturated fat. Unfortunately, many health workers and health and fitness writers simply repeated what they heard and did not understand fat and how it affects the body. It is only recently that the truth about coconut oil began to reappear.

Balance is the key. To maintain overall health, it is more appropriate to prioritize a balanced and orderly diet.However, coconut oil still contains saturated fat, so do not consume it excessively. This also applies to pregnant or lactating women where excessive use of coconut oil is not recommended. Luckily, coconut oil is proven safe and useful for external use, including when combined with herbal products.